What We Do
We make scratch-to-finish commisioned content

Welcome to Dreams On Gear entertainment

Dreams on Gear is an enterprise to produce high quality work that is appreciated by audiences and professional across the globe. After servering number of Production houses and channels for more than a decade we have grouped together to form our own media house ,media school and public releation services.we have mastered ourselves as entertainment content provider to a leading Indian GECs channel and radio stations .

We make scratch-to-finish commisioned content. we create high quality entertainment ,including feature films , television specials & series to server pure entertainment.we have world-class creative talent pool and advance technology and techniques to serve you World class entertainment. Passion is our strength & perfection is our weakness

Our innovations and work with customers and partners all over the globe are empowering people to interact, businesses to progress and society to be more connected than ever before. Whether you work with our fixed-line or mobile networks, multimedia and broadcast networks, or Information and Communication Technology services, you make a real difference to people’s lives and the world we live in. It’s about bringing innovation and integrity together to change the world for the better.

What We Do

We understand the aphorism “TIME IS MONEY” and we work around the clock to provide you with the most cost efficient and quality assured service possible.

We do post production coordination work which includes :

  • Execution of all post production duties for feature films within timelines
  • Executing telecine requirements for editing process
  • Managing and supervising the entire editing process within timelines
  • Manging and executing the entire Digital Intermediate process including scanning, grading uptil recording of DI negative within timelines
  • Managing and co-ordinating the entire VFX and Graphics process within timelines
  • Managing and co-ordinating the entire pre-mix, final mix and Dolby mastering sound process
  • Managing and co-ordinating the striking of the first copy with the lab
  • Managing and co-ordinating the entire censor scripting and censor submission process
  • Managing and co-ordinating library masters and maintaining an archive
  • We have full production and post-production facility for feature films. We have separate and secured editing bay.

    Post Production Video Editing:
    Video editing , Digital input transfer , color grading , intro and exiting credit text , matting , Motion tracking , Video-output from full resolutions to internet streaming , Digi-beta / DVD output’s , Along with another formatted outputs.

    Post Production Audio Design:
    Sound engineering, project assembly, Dialogue editing, Foley, sound effects, Dialogue, 5.1 Mix Audio, etc.

    Our team creates high class quality entertainment ,we are equipped with advance technology and techniques.We also have digital dolby and dubbing studio .We are commited to provide service to the client as per there ease.
    The small screen which now-a-days glitter more than silver screen ,We as creative media house conceptualize and produce shows for the channels, Our Pre-Production team creates scripts, crafts storyline and develops storyboard. we organize and coordinate each element of the show’s production and keep them all in sync on a set timeline and within budgets.

    We have an efficient and experienced technicians who ensure best output is generated as part of the production effort. Dreams on gear in-house post production team handles the video editing (offline and online) including setting the show timeline, and sound mixing, dubbing, and Dolby mixing, and Video color correction.

    We also manage the motion graphics and incorporate VFX & SFX. Our team also works closely with the Tech check teams at the GECs to ensure that the shows are packaged based on best practices guidelines outlined by the Channels.
    We understand the power of imagination, DREAMS ON GEAR ENTERTAINMENT creatively connects products and customers, Right from story board, Ad shoot, editing and packaging ,VFX & SFX . everything is personally handle by our experts. We also help in getting the right celebrity to endorse your product. If that’s not enough we also provide services of negotiating with GEC & other channels to get best price and packages for Ad slots .
    An Audio Pilot is basically a recorded professional reading of the plot/synopsis/idea along with necessory background score. Be it a Film or TV Series or even a web series, every idea needs to create a pilot that can be reviewed by production team and same can be used by the research team before the project is actually executed.
    We understand the new media service very well and generates content for mobile platform and social media. We make content to fit the multiple feature and smartphones to ensure seamless viewing to the users.
    Dreams On Gear Entertainment team works closely with your Product and Marketing teams to understands the nature of your business, and accordingly develops storyboard and script. We focus on both fiction and non-fiction videos

    We make innovative ,intresting and intelligent radio ads ,jingles and spot . We make radio stories ,drama ,serials and dubbing in all languages. so get set go with Dreams On Gear entertainment’s Radio service.
    We are a website design & deevelopment company with experience in delivering professional web design services, and are confident. We can enable you to provide your visitors with an exciting, interactive and memorable web experience.
    We provide following courses in film n tv Production

  • Film & Television Production
  • Film & television Editing
  • Film & Television direction
  • Film & Television Screen Writing
  • Film & Television Cinematography
  • Voicing & dubbing
  • Radio Jockey & Voice Modulation
  • VFX & film Animation
  • Sound designing

  • After completion of the course we help you to provide first –class industrial training with professionals to the deserving candidates, and career guidance will be provided and if you are upto the mark we will hire you.

    To enroll mail :admission@dreamsongear.in
  • Event management
  • Brand & Personality profiling
  • Brand management
  • Advertising & Design
  • Product Launch
  • General Publicity
  • Viral Video
  • Candid photography and videography