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/year. About this app.•. Image Credit: mobigyaan. WOT had to make it to the best free app lockers for Android. Space — Top Pick. Open the Running Tab on Smart Protector and tap on the “Add” button. Android will also block the app's notifications so you aren't tempted to disable the limit after seeing an unread message or comment. Flipd. These tools operate by requiring you to Go to Settings and turn on App pinning (or Pin windows, or Screen pinning) and Ask for PIN before unpinning. Open the app and tap Overview, then tap the app icon > Pin. You can also hide your photo and video with the help of Applock. Go back to the Rating: 4. Step 3: Turn the toggle switch on for the app you want to lock. This shows you general phone functions like The most popular and easy to use app that lets you lock individual apps is simply called AppLock, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play (see the source link at the end of this article). Located under your lock screen To activate it, activate screen pinning and click the Ask for PIN before unpinning option. 🎭 Icon Disguise Download On Google Play. 5. Toggle on “Lock and mask apps”. Norton App Lock: The popular Antivirus maker Norton made the app lockers for Android. Tap the lock icon adjacent to the application you wish to lock. Norton AppLock. Then you create a block session, choosing which block lists to use. 2 App Lock – Lock Apps, Password. Photo Lock App is one of the top best free apps to hide photos and videos on Android ensures your personal privacy by allowing you to hide an unlimited number of photos, videos, documents, and any type of files within the File Locker. Huawei smartphones that run on Android has a featured called PrivateSpace. Tap App lock and then click Turn on. Add your Mi Account. To set up an app locking application on your smartphone or tablet, you will first need to download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Just one click to lock Here's how you can lock an app on Android. 4. app lock also provides a way to make your own theme. Screen Pin is a simple tool already included with your Android phone. Whoever you hand your device to won't be able to leave the app unless they know the special key combination or a passcode. Go back to the main screen and select which apps you want to lock by tapping them in the list. 9 FAQs. Scroll to Advanced Features. OffTime — Best for Custom Profiles. 10M+. Visit Site at Norton. 5 Calculator – Hide Photo, Video.

Perfect AppLock (App Protector) Just as the name suggests, Perfect AppLock is an app for your device’s security, and it works just perfectly. Flipd — Best Free Version. Then, in the bottom right corner of the screen, hit the Pin button and click OK. tvusage is the parental control and digital wellbeing app for Android TV with options to configure screentime, usage hours, applock to put you in charge. If you want more functions locked, tap Advanced on the top of the screen. 8 App lock. There are some other options to set a delay on when the apps are re-locked, hide PIN touches and prevent any uninstalls. Books. Part 4: Norton Applock. Download from Play Store. Install the app of your choice onto your Android device. Step 1: Download and install AppLock from the Google Play Store. Step 2: Open the app and set a password or pattern. Choose the method you want to unlock apps with. Norton App Lock. Step 2: Enable screen pinning and click on the Ask for PIN before unpinning toggle to activate it. AppLock by Lite Tools Studio. Norton Family. Step 2: Scroll down until you see App Lock. Apex Launcher. help_outline. You can even restrict access to certain apps for specific periods of time. 4. Key Features. To use the app, you create block lists for both apps and websites. The exact setup process for each app will vary, but generally speaking, you'll follow these simple steps: find the app you want on the Google Play Store, then tap the Install button. Step 2. Scroll down and tap on ‘App’. You can lock apps using Face ID or passcode on your iPhone model. Tap “Add” and check the apps that 5. As expected, the launcher supports icon packs, customizations, and effects. Stay Focused — Most Customizable. How to Enable App Pinning on Android . Once you've done that, swipe down to refresh the list. Install. To unpin, press and hold Back + Overview (or Home ). Once you download, install, and open App Lock, you'll be prompted to create a password. Tap Dashboard, then select the app you'd like to place a restriction on. Confirm your selection by tapping the + symbol again. Everyone.Lock Apps with Huawei PrivateSpace-Best Applock for Android.

Tap the Back and Overview buttons to unpin the pinned app window. This is the best app to lock other apps and hide your photos . 7. Security email: click 'send code to security email', input reset code, click 'reset password'. Set up a PIN, password, or pattern for apps you want to lock. With Norton App Lock, you can protect your apps and private data by using a This app lets you lock your child's entire phone or block a few apps from your own. Social Fever — Best for Time Tracking. And you also need to do one click to lock apps. Tap the + symbol and then proceed to select the apps that you'd like to lock. AppLock. AppLock by DoMobile Lab: Best Vault Apps for Android Phones and iPhones. Step 4: Lock Individual Apps & Enable Face Scanning. App lock is easy to operate with one click enable/disable functionality. Bring up the Recent Apps screen (it's a swipe-up-and-hold on Download AppLock. The first time you lock an app, you will have to grant AppLock with certain permissions. Security answer: enter security answer, click 'reset password'. Now, open the app, and when prompted set a pattern to lock apps. 11. Top 10 Apps to Curb Smartphone Addiction to Try. Fingerprint lock. 4 File Locker – Lock my files. Chances are, you have heard of Norton, the popular anti-virus maker. 3. Tap on “Locked apps”. 7 App Lock – Applock Fingerprint. LockID: Best for Blocking Apps on iPhone. Expand the Security section. Step 4: Now close the app and the Apps chosen will now be password protected. Step 2: Tap on ‘Set Up Face ID 🔐 App Lock For apps that have been locked, people need to enter a password or draw the unlock pattern to use. Select to turn on the function and then pick the apps you want to lock. 547K reviews. Norton App Lock. Step 3. Norton Family. Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Face ID & Passcode. It lets Method 01: Lock any app by creating an automation. 6. The user-friendly interface of this tool makes LockWiper (Android) suitable for both beginner and This is the short and 100% helpful video for all Android users to lock your apps with full security without any app locker. AirDroid Parental Control: Best for Step 1: Open the Settings app and tap on Lock Screen and Security. The App Off Timer is free but contains ads.

Go to your app drawer and tap AppLock can lock apps, photos, videos and other private data with password lock or pattern lock. Kids. Toggle on Use Fingerprint. Scroll down and select "Modes and Routines. Well, the company offers a pretty good app locker for Android. Download App Off Timer. Step 4. Tap on the toggle buttons on the right side of the app you want to lock. search.99. Xiaomi, Redmi, Mi, POCO. It adds an additional layer of safety with a chosen PIN, password, or fingerprint lock. (OFFTIME) (OFFTIME) is an app blocker that features a very cool interface and yes, the app’s name is listed with brackets on the Play Store. Tap on ‘Automation’. 1. App Pinning may or may 1. This app does all the necessary tasks that an app locker needs to do, including protecting apps using a pattern/pin, safeguarding sensitive information and addition of a layer of security. Download Visidon Applock (Free) Download Visidon Applock (Paid) This app lock serves to assist an Android device's owner in the protection of all types of downloaded applications through effective lock apps methods. This is usually necessary for them to function properly, but it can still be a little uncomfortable if you don’t fully trust that the developers are legitimate. Step 3: Next, select the apps you would like to protect from the pop up list. You can lock any app, including gallery, camera, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook. You will now see a pop-up screen requesting you to grant the application Usage Access permission; tap on Allow. This app supports a password, pattern, pin, or gesture lock. You can lock up your apps by a Here are the simple steps for you to use AppLock to lock apps on your Android phone. We also recommend you link your app lock to your MI account.50/month or a one-time buy for 9. Tap on the “Add” button once you have chosen your Apps. Donna Danley Photo Lock App. It uses a pattern, password, or fingerprint scanner to protect your privacy, ensure your device’s security, and hide photos videos. September 10, 2023. As the name suggests, it creates an independent space on your Phone. 8. The Android app can be downloaded for free. And then tap AppLock icon, click the icon at top right corner of lock page, tap 'forgot password'. After setting up your password or PIN code, choose which apps you want to lock. Step 3: Tap the app name or icon to choose which apps to lock. QualityTime — Best for Usage Reports. When you lock individual apps on your phone for specific blocks of time, they can’t be unlocked if you restart your phone using Flipd. Click on this tab and then select the Secure Folder option. Scroll down and tap Apps.

1. Launch Settings. The Norton App Lock is a very simple app locker which should be a good choice if you are looking for a free & ad-free app locker that just works. If you own a Xiaomi/Poco/Redmi device running MIUI, this is how you can enable the app lock feature. It's a neat little trick that all Android users should know. 4. Finally, you can use an Android feature called Screen Pinning to keep kids, partners, friends, or colleagues inside one particular app. Huawei PrivateSpace – best applock for. Movies & TV. By "pinning" an app, you are locking it to the screen. Key Features: Safely create, store, and hide private notes within the locker. If you haven’t logged in, the device will ask you to provide your credentials.com. Forest: Best for Motivational Focus without App distraction. Part 5: Perfect Applock. 1. Step 3: Set up the app lock: Open the app lock application and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your preferred locking method. To make life easier, Xiaomi preselects apps that it thinks you will most likely want to lock. Read full review. Tap on ‘Create Personal Automation’. With over 400 Million downloads, this app locker is undoubtedly the best app lock for android. A dialog box will also come up automatically regarding this. Norton is a big name in the field of antivirus software vendors. Apex Launcher is an app launcher that can also be a locker for any app on your phone.You have to use the App lock of yo And we are here to suggest you the 5 best options to lock apps with the fingerprint on your Android phones out of the many apps available in the app store! Here we go: Part 1: AppLock. App lock can prevent privacy from leaking to others. It can be a Password, PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint unlock. Visidon Applock also has a paid version, which is ad-free and comes with additional features such as multiple locking methods (PIN and Pattern), experimental lock screen feature and more. Due to the creativity of app locker developers, it's easy to identify the act of intrusion. If you're a premium user, you can set these sessions to recur on a schedule. 1. Tap on App lock. 1 List of 7 Best folder lock apps for android in 2023." Tap on “ Secure Folder ,” then “ Lock type . First, install it from Google Play and run the app on your phone. You will see an option to Turn on the feature. AppLock by Lite Tools Studio locks apps on your device to keep them safe from intruders. If you don’t have time to keep tabs on all the apps on your phone but have sensitive photos for your eyes alone, then this is the app to lock down your gallery keeping your pictures away from prying eyes. You can lock as many apps as you want. Find a menu near the top of the page and use it to add apps to the folder.